I want a Nigeria where no one is cheated

I want a Nigeria where no one is cheated

November 17
12:43 2020

Chief Linus Okom, OON, KSM, KSGG, JPII, Ada Bekwarra has joined the elite group of octogenarians. His burly physique at 80 still sits well on his 6ft frame. His gap tooth on his cherubic face that made him a delight to many admirers hasn’t waned much with the years gone by. In the northern part of Cross River State, his name is synonymous with politics and politics is synonymous with his name. Together with Dr. Joe Wayas, Dr. Bamanga Tukur, Alhaji Umar Dikko, Chief Okom was one of the gladiators of the second republic. He served on the Board of NPA in the 80s alongside Bamanga Tukur. He’s surprised at himself, he said, that he’s 80. A stickler for time, he still goes to his office Monday to Saturday. You’ll find him at 8am sitting behind his modest table attending to files. The political guru best known for his sagacity in delivering victory to candidates he supports in electoral contests took out time to reminisce on his life in the past 80 years. He shared a few of the secrets of his long healthy life without correspondent in Calabar.

Q. Happy birthday Chief, how old are you this year?

A. I was born on 16 November, 1940. That makes me 80 Years old.

Q. How does it feel being Celebrated at this age?

A. Very exciting. I am extremely excited. I didn’t know that it would come through. I am grateful to God.

Q. You are very strong and agile. What is the secret?

A. If I believe you that am still very strong then I must be kidding. However, the little strength I now have is because I do exercise and I have rest of mind.

Q. You still go to the office at your age what is your driving force?

A. It is part of exercise for me. It also helps me to meet with a host of friends and also to change my environment.

Q. You are a father of Cross River State. Are you satisfied with the state of things in the state?

A. If I said yes, it means am out judging myself. This is because there is no perfection in humanity. Cross River State is a young State, it will not be right to say we have reached our perfection level but with patience we will get there.

Q. Is this what those of you who built the state anticipated?

A. The state is like a snail and it goes slowly but it will get there. Those who are in a hurry crash. I don’t want to associate with those people.

Q. 2023 is coming, what kind of political leadership do you want to see?

A. I want to see complete democracy. I am democratic. We need an ideal democrat.

Q. What kind of Governor should we be looking for?

A. We need a democratic Governor.

Q. What is the Nigeria of your dream?

A. A near perfect Nigeria, a country that has democratic setting, that will not allow an individual to be cheated and a country that every person will find food on his/ her table.

Q. You seem to be an apostle of fairness, equity and justice among all ethnic groups in Cross River State. Why are you so bothered about this?

A. For evil to strive, it means that good men do nothing. Religion is my weapon. If we can look into Christ’s live and leave the life he lived, we are sure of heaven. That is my cherished weapon.

Q. You are obviously passionate about the Cross River State leaving its full potential, what is your advice to young people?

A. First and foremost, yesterday and today is what you have, you should hold it. Young people should emulate the good works of elder statesmen and always do the right thing.



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