Pride stinks and I hate it – Pastor John Iyoha

Pride stinks and I hate it – Pastor John Iyoha

November 17
12:43 2013

Pastor John Iyoha is an accomplished banker. He has spent over two and a half decades in the sector rising to top management positions before voluntarily resigning in 2019. He shares, in this interview, his life, faith, and career.

Q. As a banker and businessman, how are you able to mainstream Christian principles and values in your everyday life?

A. First of all, I want to thank you for the honour to share some of my life’s experiences with your esteemed magazine. Now to the question, I must confess that I never had any difficulty mainstreaming my Christian values and principles in my everyday life. Thank God I got born again before starting my work life. I had this understanding that work or business is a calling from God and therefore, I see my office as an extension of my pulpit. So, whether at home, church or office values/principles remain same

Q. Please share your salvation experience with us.
A. I was born into a polygamous and idolatrous family. My father was a herbalist but he used to take us to church somehow. So I grew up going to church like other children without really having experience with Christ. While in Secondary school, I had a very close friend- a member of Scripture Union (SU), who kept preaching Christ to me but I was too neck deep in worldly pleasure to listen. Then I went to the University three years after I left Secondary School. One day in October 1985, one of my class mates invited me to a fellowship of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. I had no problem accepting the invite because I used to attend the fellowship with my elder brother who was a member of the group anytime I visited him. After the message, an altar call was made and I answered the call and surrendered to Jesus! A miracle happened that same evening in my life. I had a very traumatic experience when I was about 17 years old and somehow I began to suffer from insomnia for a period of about 7 years. No sleeping pill could get me to sleep at night. That evening, the minister that led me to Christ told me ask for one thing I would like Jesus to do for me and without hesitation I asked Him to give me sleep. They prayed for me and that night I slept like a baby for the first time in about 7 years. Glory be to His holy name.

Q. Specifically, tell us the secrets of how you are able to overcome anger, un-forgiveness, lust, pride, love of money and all other things we struggle with daily as human beings.

A. I believe God has been generous to me with His grace. Paul says in Phil. 4:13 ‘I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me’. By following the instruction of the word, one has been able to ‘fight a good fight’. Also, even though my parents were not Christians in the sense we know it today, there were values they inculcated into us which have never left me. They were far more interested in a good name than in gold and silver. You couldn’t bring anything home that they would not want to know how you got it. Furthermore, I convinced myself that I am not in competition with anybody and so I don’t need to try to impress anyone. Pride? It stinks and I hate bad smells! The struggles are there no doubt but His grace is also available

Q. If a young person came to you asking “what’s the most important thing for living a good life”, what would you say? In other words, what valuable lessons have you learnt in and about life that you want to share with others?

A. I would tell him/her, ‘fear God and keep His commandments’. I would tell him/her not to let anyone define success for him and that he is not in competition with anybody and should not put under pressure. I will advise him to discover his purpose for living and pursue it. Every man has his own track to run in and if you run in another man’s track, you will be disqualified at the end. I will tell him strive for excellence in whatever he/she does. He/she should see work/business as a gift and calling from God; do it to please God. I have also learned that the greatness of any man is tied to his work. Finally, he should   look up to God for his success and not to any man; ‘no man can receive anything except it be given to him from above (Jn3;27)

Q. Please, tell us about yourself stating when and where you were born, schools attended, qualifications obtained, your career, family, hobbies etc.
A. I was born on October 23, 1961 at Ehanlen Ewu-Ishan in the then Mid-Western Region but now in Edo State. I attended Eguare Primary School, Ewu-Ishan from 1970-1975 for my First School Leaving Certificate and Ewu Grammar School, Ewu-Ishan between 1976 and 1981 for my WASC. I had my tertiary education at the University of Benin (1984-1988) where I obtained a BSc in Business Administration. I obtained the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria Professional Certificate (ACA) in 1994 and became a Fellow of the same Institute in 2012. I am also an alumnus of the Lagos Business School.
I started my work life (post NYSC) in May 1990 with Klinsite Outdoor Services Limited, Lagos (now Optimum Exposures Limited). I left Klinisite for Societe Bancaire Nigeria Limited (Merchant Bankers) Lagos, in February 1992. In January 1995, I was transferred to Port Harcourt branch as pioneer Head of Credit and Marketing. I became the Branch Manager in February 1996. I resigned in 1999 and joined the services of Oceanic Bank in 2000. I was in Oceanic Bank till December 2009 and rose to the position of Zonal Head, Edo State. In March 2010, I joined First Bank of Nigeria Limited and voluntarily retired in February 2019 as Group Head Commercial Banking South South. I got married in December 1995 to Helen Iyoha (Helen Asine then) and we are blessed with three lovely Children- Joshua, Osetale and Osedebamen. I am a lover of sports having been an athlete and a footballer! I also love reading and listening to inspirational music.

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